Our RICE Melamine

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the melamine products from RICE.  I have been a RICE stockist since William was a tiny baby and he is now 11 years old.  We still use the very first 4 room plate I ever bought.  RICE melamine is fun, funky and functional and it lasts and lasts!

RICE melamine is intended for food and beverages, RICE use a lot of resources staying on top of the latest rules and regulation, all RICE products are tested food safe according to EU standards.  Only the highest possible quality of melamine is used and it is all BPA free (Bisphenol A and Phithalates).

We stock as many RICE colours, prints, patterns and shapes as we possibly can and we try to offer the best possible price and service.

Melamine was popular in the 1940’s through to the 70’s but then the trend tailed off until RICE introduced their melamine range in 2003.   At first most people thought it was just for outdoor use, camping trips, picnics, garden parties etc, but now its a firm favourite in a lot of peoples homes.

As a Mummy I was mad for melamine, not only did it look fabulous, it was incredibly practical.  It took all the knocks and drops that my toddlers could throw at it.  I firmly believe it really started to encourage my fussy little monsters to try different foods, and it changed our tense tea-times into fun feasts!

I started to let the children set the table (it didn’t matter if they dropped anything) they loved it and created some truly creative table settings.  I started serving everything up into little bowls so the kids had to help themselves, they used different sized spoons, chop sticks, forks.  Tomato sauce was decanted into individual little dishes, all sorts of different foods and sauces where experimented with.  I am not saying my kids eat everything and anything now, but they set the table well and do enjoy meal times.  They even had fun washing it all up with big bowls of warm soapy water out in the garden.  (obviously I then put it though the dishwasher when the weren’t look, but it kept them entertained!)

Over the years RICE have added to their collection including plain colours, prints, two-tones, small cups, tall cups, round plates, rectangular plates and lots of other little extra’s.  I love going to visit the RICE team in Denmark, I love seeing all the development samples, colours and patterns and I get so excited when the first delivery of new season stock arrives.

I hope you love it too!


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