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Cacti Cool!

Giant Cactus Inflatable

As you know the tropical trend has been so hot this year.  Here at Pinks & Green we are totally crazy about all of the tropical icons and one of our top 3 favourites has to be the crazy cacti.  We have been adding some Mexican magic to our lives.  We have cacti in our home and garden, in our wardrobe and even added it to our cocktail menu and we will share our fab new black cacti cocktail recipe later…

We have cacti in almost all categories of our shop.  We have the cool cactus on paper plates, cups and napkins.  We have super cool neon cactus lights, pretty cactus trinket dishes and super soft cactus cushions just to mention a few, but probably the star of the show this summer has to be our giant inflatable cactus by the fabulous Australian brand, Sunnylife.  Size does matter!

Giant Cactus Inflatable £40.00

Going from one extreme to the other  (size wise) we have the cutest cacti nail files ever!  At only £1.00 each this fabulous nail files are not only great fun but great value.

                       Cactus Shape Nail Files £1.00

We have tried hard to narrow down our top 10 cactus “must-have’s” for the summer, it has been tricky because we really do have so many fabulous products to offer you (even if we do say so ourselves!)  So here we go, in no particular order, here are the top 10 Cacti essentials for you this summer…

ONE:  The funky cactus marquee light by Sunnylife.  These are gorgeous battery operated lights that you can either hang on the wall or stand on shelf or table.  We also take ours outside and dot them around the garden in the evening.  They are super cute!



               Cactus Marquee Light.  

TWO: The super soft large cactus cushion by Meri-Meri.  Perfect for a playroom, bedroom or garden cushion.

                                                                                         Cactus Cushion By Meri-Meri.

THREE: Fabulous set of cactus cake candles by Sunnylife.  These add an extra Mexican madness to your party for sure.

                                                                                    Cactus Cake Candles By Sunnylife.

FOUR: Fun and funky inflatable cactus game.  Use this in on the water or land.  A fun game for all the family.  Throw your hoop and hook it on a cactus arm.  Fun game by the fab Australian brand Sunnylife.

Cactus Inflatable Game by Sunnylife.

FIVE: Fab and funky and very practical cactus print travel mug.  These have been very popular for Fathers Day gifts.

Cactus Print Travel Cup.

SIX: The super cute pop-up cactus card by Meri-Meri!  Make someone special smile and send them this funky little card.

Cactus Pop-Up Card By Meri-Meri.

SEVEN: As we mentioned earlier, we are totally crazy about this massive cacti inflatable!  It is a whooping 174cm long x 136cm wide!  This is a definite “must have” for your Summer hols!

Giant Inflatable Cactus By Sunnylife.

EIGHT: Enamel cactus key ring by one of our gorgeous new suppliers, Acorn & Will.  This has been one of our very best selling cactus items in the past month, and we have shipped lots to Australia of all places!

Cactus Key Ring By Acorn & Will.

NINE: Attention to detail!  We love this super cute cactus ice cube tray by Sunnylife.  You can also use this tray for making mini ice-creams and chocolates, and probably lots of other yummy creations, let me know what you use yours for!

Cactus Ice-Cube Tray By Sunnylife.

TEN: Life is a lot brighter with this fabulous neon cactus light by Sunnylife.  Available in 2 sizes, small and large, we are so thrilled to be selling these lights.  They have been incredibly popular this season.  They look so cool in the corner of a room with the neon green glowing.  You will be the envy of all your friends if you have one of these, trust me!

Cactus Neon Light By Sunnylife.


So, that was just a selection of our handpicked top ten cacti “must have’s” for this summer.  We hope we have given you a little inspiration and that you have a fabulous Summer!










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