• We're back. And loving it.
    Have you missed us? We've certainly missed you. And to prove it we have some incredible new RICE products and giveaways to, well, give away.
  • Magical RICE Melamine
    Who doesn't love beautifully printed or gloriously plain staple melamine favorites from RICE?

Love, Love, Love!

Melamine for the home.
Rice for the heart.

We are BACK!!!   Hopefully you will remember us?  We specialise in lovely home wares and gorgeous gifts for you, your home and your children. We are crazy about Danish design house RICE and we supply an extensive range of the beautiful RICE collection. From bright and functional melamine for meal times and picnic to soft fun toys for playtime. We love the range and I am sure you and your family will too!

The stunning  collection from our brilliant Danish designers Rice is here.  It is packed full of colours, stars, spots, stripes, flowers, birds, chickens, butterflys…you name it really!  Have fun!!!

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At home with Zoe


We’re back!

Excited? We are! We’ve been away for quite a while and we’ve missed you. It wasn’t the soul searching, back packing through mountains/dessert/kareokee bars kind of break. More that kind where you just put stuff into order. Consider us re-ordered. And we’re as head over heels in love with RICE and their border-line bonkers products […]


We’ll be at Spirit of Summer 2015

Visit Spirit of Summer Fair in association with House & Garden, taking place at Olympia London, from 17-20 June 2015. Discover a hand-picked collection of boutiques presenting interior and fashion accessories you simply won’t find on the high street and enjoy a wonderful day out with friends. We’re giving away 4 pairs of tickets for […]

The Rice Cafe In Denmark

Visiting Denmark

My fab visits to Riceland!

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Soul food (& drink)

Champagne Mojitos.

It just screams summer. And it has champers. This is absolutely the Pink & Green cockatial du jour! The lime and mint are so refreshing and even surrounded by the suburban drone of lawnmowers, it'll instantly transport you to a white sandy beach!

Prosecco cocktail.

It's a cocktail. Made with Prosecco. What's not to love?

Sophie’s Crab and Salmon Fish cakes

If anyone tells you their kids help cook and they don't get into a mess send point them our way. Not only do we want to know how they do it, but we want them to try it with this! For the devastation you'll be left with it is still so worth it. They are just gorgeous.
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