Living the Rice lifestyle

The RICE STAG Weekend!

Stag Weekend Sale!

Rice Napkins…

 NEW goodies from RICE.

Well and truly hooked

If you read “hooks” and thought of brass on a lump of pine then welcome to our site for presumably the first time!

New and Fabulous!

The new range of gorgeous Rice DK products have been revealed. Breathe, ladies, breathe!

Be The First…Pre Order Now…

Patience may be a virtue, but it isn’t one of mine. Get your hands on Rice as soon as it arrives.

Feeling Clucky?!?

Even more crazy chicks on the way!

Yummy and deceptively easy!

If there’s one thing I love more than a fantastic dessert its one that looks like I spent longer slaving over it than I actually did!

Welcome to Pinks & Green

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