Sleepy Elephant Love

I don’t  know if it is because I am a Piscean, but I fall in love very quickly.  When I first saw these adorable sleepy elephants heads by Fiona Walker I was smitten!

These wall hanging decorative heads are all hand made with love and care by women under the wings and watchful eyes of Fiona Walker and her lovely team.  I love Fiona’s brand ethos as much as I love her products.  The products are made using traditional  and ethical manufacturing methods making each toy, cushion, and decoration unique.  All the products comply to fair trade guidelines.  All the felt materials are made from 100% organic lamb’s wool.  The dying plant uses recycled water so the dye chemicals are not released into the ecosystem and precious clean water is not taken from the local community.  Whats even more impressive in my opinion is that Fiona employs an all-female workforce which means, as all the products are hand stitched, the women can take their work home enabling them to bring in an extra income for their families whilst taking care of their children.  This particularly struck cord with me as I run my business from home so that I can attend every school assembly, every sports fixture and every school play.  I know I am a very lucky mummy to be able to do both.

So after a number of years of admiring Fiona’s collections I have taken the plunge and now stocking a gorgeous selection of decorative animal wall hanging heads.  Divine velvet cushions and quilts and the most fabulous patchwork felt pouffe’s.   I really feel that the brands that we sell compliment each other in many ways, great ethos, great design and great fun.

I hope you enjoy Fiona’s sleepy elephants, patchwork pouffe’s and sumptuous cushions as much as we do, you can find them in our “perfect playtime” and “heavenly homewares” departments at

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