Feelin The Love

Feeling The Love!


We are so excited at Pinks & Green HQ, we have so many new and exciting adventures to look forward too… We have really enjoyed another fabulous year working with RICE DK and we have expanded our product range on the website to reflect all the products we have sourced on our travels.

Can you believe it is almost Valentines day…my Dad said “every day should be Valentine’s Day”  I couldn’t agree more!  My Dad was an old softie (I was the youngest child and don’t tell my brother and sister but I did get away with murder!!)  My Dad was loving but strict, firm but fair, frantically busy but fun.  I have the most incredible memories of my Dad, and if my kids have half as good a time with me as I did with my Mum and Dad I will be a very happy girl!

So Valentines…I think we should celebrate it, I love any excuse to celebrate, and think we should celebrate something everyday!!!   I don’t think Valentines Day should be saved for a one off treat for your true love or your fancy man or woman of the moment.  I think you should show ALL your love…treat ALL those that mean so much to you.  It doesn’t have to be much.  A phone call, a text, a card in the post, a little gift, something that means something to you….I have some ideas…

Our gorgeous new Love Heart hot water bottles, Our giant LOVE heart balloons, our adorable RICE melamine love heart cups.


Melamine love heart egg cups,  a set of pretty pink and lilac heart shape food containers and fill them with sweetie or melamine love heart bowl.These are just a few ideas.

I am planning a special tea party for the kids and I.  I am thinking of all things pink and red.  Lots of love heart’s, lots of flamingo’s, lots of pom-poms and lots of sparklers.  I love to decorate the house, and go to town with the table settings.  Straws, napkins and flowers are essentials.  We will definitely play silly games and eat far too much cake!

We have been expanding our Party Collection over the past couple of years, working with suppliers and producing our own little collection.  Please take a peek and let me know what you think!



Flamingo pom-pom straws, love heart printed napkins and retro stripe straws available in lots of  lovely colours.

Sets of assorted paper honeycomb pom-poms in pastels and brights and adorable little clip on birdies that are perfect for decorating everything and anything from twigs in a vase to gift wrapped presents.

Life is too short so do take time to enjoy the little things.  Live for the moment, as RICE say, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

Hope you have fun!





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