Whatever The Weather It’s Tropical At Pinks & Green

What Ever The Weather…Pinks & Green Has A Totally Tropical Vibe!



We are frantically busy at the moment, we are still really busy with orders coming in from all over the world and we are preparing for our infamous January SALE as well as daily unpacking all the hundreds of deliveries of new Spring 2017 stock that is arriving from RICE DK, Catherine Tough and our newest most fabulous supplier, Sunnylife.  The kids and I are literally screeching for joy every time we open a new box.

This season we are expanding our on-line product range and introducing a few select brands that I think you will love and that enhance our current product range.  Pinks & Green has been working with RICE DK for a long, long time now, since my babies were very little, as they have grown, so has the business.  We will be recruiting in the spring, so please call me or email me if you fancy joining the team.  (The interview will be over a glass of fizz I am sure!)

So back to the tropical vibe…our LOVE for the fabulous flamingo has not wavered, in fact we are possibly even crazier about the girls than ever before!  We have also a few new loves in our life…the pineapple, the palm tree, the cactus, and the odd slice of watermelon!  These iconic tropical items are fresh and fruity, colourful and happy.  They are reminiscent of fun summer holidays and  inspired by the fruitiest of cocktails.

We have fabulous candles, from cake candles to tea-lights to giant garden candles.  We have flamingos, cactus, pineapples, and watermelons just to mention a few.


We also have the most amazing funky inflatables too that will be arriving in time for you to take on your summer hols!

They are SOOOOOOOO much fun, honestly we took one on holiday last year, they come in a small box that is so easy to slip into your luggage.  We are hoping to stock the pumps too very soon.  I can’t lie to you, at the end of the holiday it is a bit of an effort getting all the air out, but I think I entertained the other guests as I rolled around beside the pool trying to deflate her!  (sadly I didn’t have a holiday romance so rolling around with the Flamingo was as good as it got!)

We have so many to choose from…

Giant Pineapple Floats                                                  Giant Cactus Floats                                 Giant Watermelon Floats

Other little must have’s for your Club Tropicana Spring and Summer 2017 include funky little pom-pom drinking straws, classic, colourful cocktail umbrella’s and fabulous neon lights.  So dream of building yourself a bar in the garden, inviting all your friends over, blowing up the paddling pool and sipping on long cool (possibly tacky) cocktails whilst you browse our new collection.

Pink Flamingo Drinking Straws                   Funky Colourful Summer Fun…all to come!          Pineapple Drinking Straws





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