Fancy being a guest blogger for Pinks & Green?  I am sorry if the beautiful image of the RICE cake stand and fancy cup cakes mislead you to believe this blog was another yummy cake recipe from our lovely friends at Sweet Enchanted Blog but I wanted to grab your attention!

I have got lots of wonderful, fun, talented and creative customers.  Some have already written product reviews for me, held photoshoots for me, written blogs for me etc.  Not only is it fun and inspiring for me to work with my customers, I am sure it is far more interesting for the rest of you who follow our blog!

So do you pack a mean picnic?  Do you want to share your top tips, write a product review or share your secret destination for a fun filled family day out?

Would you like to be the first to see and review the new collections from RICE and Fiona Walker and other fab Pinks & Green goodies?  Would you like to travel to Denmark to the RICE HQ for a photoshoot?  Would you like to come for lunch with me at the RICETERIA in Denmark, would you like to product test some melamine?  Do you fancy a sourcing trip in London, a trade show in Paris?  The ideas are endless!

Please email me at zoe@pinksandgreen.  Let me know your ideas, what products you might need for your day out or your photoshoot or your afternoon cooking up a creation with the kids and we can get the ball rolling.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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