Summer Must Have

The Drinks Cooler Tank By RICE!

We adore the RICE drinks dispensers, they are not only fabulous to look at they are fun and functional too.  This Summer we have two designs and two sizes.  We have the large pink kiss print and the smaller blue/green cloud print design.  Seriously we can’t rave about these enough.  They are perfect for picnics, perfect for a day at the beach or a garden party.  We have lots of customers that buy them for their camping trips and a growing number of funky festival followers who swear these are an essential piece of kit!

They are plastic, lightweight and easy to clean.  They have foldable legs and a sturdy handle making it easy for kids or adults to carry.  You can fill them to the brim with anything that takes your fancy…water, milk, cocktails, squash, wine, beer…you name it really.  Issy (age 9) loves to be creative in the kitchen and this is her super easy summer fruit punch recipe, for an adults party you can add a little tipple, trust me it is tasty!

Issy’s Summer Fruit Punch

  • carton of fresh orange juice
  • carton of fresh pineapple juice
  • lemonade (we use sprite)
  • 3 melamine cups of water
  • 3 melamine cups of sugar
  • chopped up pineapple, orange slices, strawberries, ice-cubes, sprigs of mint

Either in the microwave or on the hob, boil the water and the sugar until the sugar has dissolved and you have a lovely sticky syrup, leave this to cool.

Pour your orange juice, pineapple juice and lemonade straight into your lovely drinks dispenser, add your syrup and any fruit that takes your fancy!  We add ice-cubes (flamingo’s of course!) and sometimes some sprigs of mint.

Grab your melamine cups and your printed start straws and get stuck in!

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