YAY! Sunshine! Time For A BBQ.

It is just such a gorgeous day, it is only 9.15 in the morning but I have just decided to surprise the kids tonight, decorate the garden, have a bbq and spend all afternoon and evening outside.  I know it hasn’t been a “bad” winter but I have been really craving some sunshine, blue skies and a little bit of warmth on my old bones.  Today I think my wishes have come true…at 5am as I drove the kids to the swimming pool I could sense the sunshine, and what a difference it has made to my mood!

So as soon as I have finished work I am going to decorate our gazebo with our RICE lights and lots of paper pom-poms.  I am going to set the table with clashing colours and prints, I am going to cover the garden benches with cushions and blankets, turn up the music and quite possibly crack open a bottle of wine.

I will let the kids do the cooking, I pop a couple of disposable bbq’s on the table and we use them like a Swiss Tischgrill, they use the RICE melamine chopsticks as tongs and we spend a good hour or so cooking and eating and chatting with NO iPads blasting out!!! BLISS.

Take a peek at our Pintrest boards and website for lots of inspiration for your own outdoor family feast.  Have fun. X

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