Spring/Summer 2016

I LOVE a new season.  I love the change of temperature, the change of colours, the change of clothes, the change of foods and drinks just to mention a few things.  But probably best of all I LOVE the new seasons collections from all designers from interiors to fashion to food.

It is a bit of a weird world when you are involved in design and/or buying as we are working so far in advance with new ideas, colours, shapes, trends as well as working daily on our current season.  I am not going to depress you and let you know I am already working on Autumn/Winter and dare I say it Christmas 2016 and tinkering with ideas about 2017, lets not wish time away!  Instead I am going to get you all excited and dreaming of fresh sunny spring days and barmy, bright summer nights that are not far away….

For 2016 Charlotte (the founder, owner and creative goddess of RICE) has created “Go For The FUN” collection for us all to enjoy.  Charlotte thinks (and I REALLY agree) “life is too short”  and” we should all have as much fun as possible”.  I often find myself saying “long time dead, lets do it” (only to often be told by a Doctor friend of mine…”yes Zoe, but also a long time alive, so be sensible!”  I guess it a balance, but sadly I haven’t a sensible bone in my body)

Charlotte says “what is more fun than venturing onto unknown roads with people you like to hang out with?…Take a road trip NOW…go to the beach or a long walk in the forest…”  Well, I did just that… took a road trip.  William and Issy piled into the back of the car with picnic bags full of snacks and treats we headed off on a 2 day adventure driving through France, Belgium, the Netherlands (that was a mistake, I shouldn’t have followed the satellite navigation!) Germany and finally to  Austria.  We sang, laughed, got lost (quite a lot!) we had a great trip.  Sadly on day 3 I had an accident and had to fly home in plaster but that will teach me not to try and keep up with Issy on the ski slopes (she is 9!!!)

So back in Blighty and unable to do pretty much anything (except I can still open a bottle of wine) I have been sat at my desk working on our fab new website and our new seasons collections.

From RICE we have butterflies, palm leaves, delicate florals, bold chevrons and stripes and the coolest “sexy swimsters” print that will undoubtedly make you smile and giggle.  We have our favourites and we have newbies that I know will soon be added to our favourites list.

From Fiona Walker we have every thing from pouffe’s to sleepy elephants which I think you will adore, and from our own brand new collection we have lots of exciting goodies to launch soon…keep your eyes peeled.

So take Charlotte’s advice, life is too short, have fun with your family and friends.  Don’t put the fun stuff off…pack up a picnic in your new palm leaf picnic bag, grab a blanket and some cushions and go on an adventure…let me know where you go and  what you get up too (within reason!)

Have Fun!

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