Posh Picnic…. In Aldebrugh Suffolk

Ah Aldeburgh – the shops, the restaurants, the beach, the fish & chips! This Suffolk coastal gem is my favourite place to go when some R & R is required. There’s something about driving down the expansive High Street lined with enticing shops that fills me with joy, and I know that I am not alone in that feeling.
My latest two-day break to Aldeburgh was with a friend during the Easter holidays. Our children (four between us) can enjoy a sense of freedom here which is more difficult at home with school runs, after school activities and homework. After walking the two dogs and exploring the shops, we indulged in the best pick-me-up – a bag of fish & chips. Some argue that these are the finest in the region and we certainly agree! Whilst the hoards took their salt and vinegary bags to sit on the wall running along Crag Path, we eschewed the beach wall in favour of a carpet picnic at home with our favourite RICE plates. Well, it was a bit chilly and I am the self-imposed queen of melamine! And did those chips taste even better on a peacock plate washed down with a drink in a butterfly cup? Of course they did!!
In case you are lucky enough to visit Aldeburgh too, here are our top picks:

  • Grab a toy sailing boat from Baggott’s the newsagents and head to the boating lake for hours of racing fun
  • Seek out the smoked olives in truffle oil at the Co-op, they are utterly delicious as part of pre-dinner drinks and nibbles
  • Pick up inexpensive but gorgeous presents for friends and family (or yourself!) at Tilly & Grace, a small shop on the High Street which sells jewellery, scarves, bags and clothes that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Children and adults alike will love Shingle & Sherbet, selling retro sweets in glass jars complete with pink and white stripped paper bags. Sherbet pips and strawberry bon-bons, yum!!

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