Let The Tropical Summer Continue…

How gorgeous is this weather!?!  Please let the lovely weather forecasters be right and let October be the hottest on record!  At Pinks & Green HQ we have everything crossed, don’t get us wrong, we love the change in seasons, the colours, the clothes, the cooling down of the temperatures but we are a bit giddy about the prospect of keeping our flip flops on for another month and keeping the BBQ’s firing!

So this October we are going to continue to embrace the Tropics!  Our love affair with the Flamingo is as hot as ever…we have so many fab new flamingo themed goodies in store including our gorgeous new flamingo stationary.  Flamingo note books, flamingo ring binders, flamingo pencils…never a dull day at the office or a horrific over-load of homework when you have our funky club tropicana stationary to lift your spirits!


Flamingo Ring Binder £3.50


Flamingo Note Books £3.00


Flamingo Pencil Set £3.50

Long Live The Tropical Summer of 2016!


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