Flamingo Fling

Flamingo Fling! Well as many of you will know, here at Pinks & Green we have been fanatical about the fabulous flamingo for a long time now.  We have surrounded ourselves in flamingo’s.  We live, sleep, eat and breath flamingo’s, Im not kidding!  We are not alone, we know lots and lots of you are […]

Cacti Cool

  Cacti Cool! As you know the tropical trend has been so hot this year.  Here at Pinks & Green we are totally crazy about all of the tropical icons and one of our top 3 favourites has to be the crazy cacti.  We have been adding some Mexican magic to our lives.  We have […]

Pack Up A Picnic!

Pack Up A Picnic This Weekend! We love to get out and about and make the most of the summer weather.  We often head off on little adventures, we load up the car with all the essentials, buckets, spades, towels, swim suits, inflatables and of course a perfect picnic!  It is all hands on deck, […]

I Believe In Unicorns!

I Believe In Unicorns! Here at Pinks & Green we certainly do believe in and adore unicorns!  We love the beautiful legendary creature with its spiralling horn projecting from its forehead and we are so excited to introduce to you our ever expanding collection that celebrates this most marvellous, mythical creature.   On our travels […]

Cup Cake Heaven

Cup Cake Heaven    We are so excited about our new collection of all things gorgeous and glittery for your beautiful baking.  As a family we love to bake cakes as much as we love to eat them.  We make a terrible mess and experiment with different recipes, we have had some scrumptious successes and […]

Feelin The Love

Feeling The Love!   We are so excited at Pinks & Green HQ, we have so many new and exciting adventures to look forward too… We have really enjoyed another fabulous year working with RICE DK and we have expanded our product range on the website to reflect all the products we have sourced on […]